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The following picture is of my Great, Great Grandfather's family.

John & Bertha Jasmer.  Married Sept 16, 1870.

Email me if you have any questions.  (send to Brian at  jasmer.org.)  I have some family information of descendants of the people in this photo and a brief biography of each person in this photo.  Most of them moved from Winona MN, west to North Dakota then up to Washington, Oregon & California.  From what I understand some of them had jobs on the railroad which is why they moved westward.  My grandfather Clarence (son of Charles in the picture) moved from Winona to Green Bay, WI.  Most of the descendants of the people in this photo are in MN and on the west coast as far as I understand.  I believe we are the only ones who "went east."


Brian Jasmer

People in the picture:

John Jasmer Sr, Bertha (Schreiber) Jasmer, John Jasmer Jr. Charles Jasmer, Mary Jasmer, Paul Jasmer (twin), Frank Jasmer, Ida Jasmer, Theodore Jasmer, Fred Jasmer (twin), Emma Jasmer, Ernestine Jasmer, Bertha Jasmer, Julius Jasmer

John & Bertha Jasmer Family